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I have enjoyed collecting and growing conifers for over 25 years. During that time I have built a considerable library of reference books about conifers and topics related to conifers. Recently I decided to list much of that collection on my web site to educate my visitors about what kind of conifer literature has been published in book form since the mid 1800’s.

Many of the books shown here are still available but only through used and antique book dealers. A search on the internet can provide sources for many specific copies. For example, I recently found Hoopes’ conifer book available at two different sites: one for $45.00 and one for $125.00.

A few books I will not list here either because I have not been able to find a copy or because its value is very questionable. For example, the report of the first International Conifer Conference by the RHS is not listed here simply because I could not find a copy. Another book, A Garden of Conifers by Obrizok is a book I will not purchase because it is essentially a compilation of information from catalogs and full of the many errors found in those catalogs. In fact, I question the accuracy of any conifer paper that lists this book as a source.

The comments on each book are strictly my own opinion, and I am certain some visitors will disagree with me. I have put together a thorough listing, and I have tried to be honest and forthright in everything I have written.


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