I will be updating these links at a future time. Not all are functional at this time.

The following links are to sites that Bob likes to visit. Each one offers information related to the world of plants.

Jan Slama lives in the Czech Republic and he is a very enthusiastic collector of witches' brooms. He has put together a web site in Czech and English about his garden and searches for brooms. His site has many good photographs of plants and witches' brooms.  Jan Slama

An excellent site for anyone wanting to learn more about plants through a university botany department:  The Virtual Foliage Home Page!

The official site for the NARGS has lots of plant information but needs more conifer information:  North American Rock Garden Society

A site by a local radio/tv personality, Ed Hume, has a lot of good information for the gardener:   Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site

Rhododendrons make nice companions for conifers. Of course, a rhododendron collector says conifers make nice companions for rhododendrons:  The American Rhododendron Society

Another site for exchanging answers and questions with people from all over the world:   The GardenWeb Forums

Kew is a gardener's Mecca and has a great site:  The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, WWW server

Heather is a great companion plant for conifers and a lot of information about heather may be found at  The Heather Society .

An excellent source for information about heathers and plants that are top quality for a reasonable price visit a Northwest mail order heather nursery: Heaths and Heathers.

This site has been set up by Larry Hatch and has loads of plant information: New Ornamentals Society

Being both a plantsman and a science teacher, Bob finds this site very interesting: The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages

Cornell University has a most informative site: Cornell Floriculture & Ornamental Horticulture Homepage

A comprehensive site about the world's conifer species: Gymnosperm Database


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