When I published my second conifer book, I decided to add some DVDís to the mix. I use a 6" x 9" format for my book, which limits the sizes of the pictures. I know it is often nice to see more detail in a picture when a plant is being discussed. So I built a web site for each of my two books that contains all of the plant pictures in each book. They are all high resolution pictures and show great detail. I also had additional pictures of many of the plants that I was not able to include in each book. Those pictures are also on the DVDís.

    Each DVD was designed so that it could be viewed using the computerís web browser. It is like going on the internet to visit a conifer based web site, except, the web site is on the DVD. I also decided that anyone purchasing a DVD was also licensed to use the pictures in any noncommercial manner.



    DVD's are priced at $20.00 list for each one purchased by itself. If a DVD is purchased with a book, it is priced at $10.00.


    In 1990 I filmed a two hour instructional video tape about grafting methods for conifers with a section on grafting deciduous trees by the whip and tongue method. It has been a popular product and was converted to a DVD format about 1998. It is still 100% relevant and the best commercial instructional video on the market. I have sold copies to individuals and educational institutions.

    Since I am able to produce my own DVD copies, I have been able to greatly reduce its list price to $20.00. If you purchase any book when you purchase this DVD, it is then discounted to $10.00.






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