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Over the next few weeks this web site will be undergoing extensive modifications. I have deleted many of the older files and have redone this site with a focus upon my self-published books on conifers. I no longer sell plants. I closed the mail order plant business in 2015 and sold my home in 2017 along with 95% of my conifer collection. I now live on 1/2 acre in the city of Puyallup, Washington with my wife, Thecla Siqueira. We married in July, 2016, three years after the death of Dianne, my wife of 44 years.

I have a few copies of a book I wrote about her that I titled, Dianne. I also have a few copies of a book I wrote about my first year without her, titled, Paradise Lost An Angel. Anyone purchasing a book from me can have one or both of these books for the cost of shipping. Just include a note with your book order. When they are gone, I will not be printing any additional copies.

Here is my new contact information:


Robert Fincham
12609 118th Street Ct. East
Puyallup, WA  98374



Welcome to my world of conifer publications.

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    Deciding which conifers to cover in my books has never been very easy. When I was contracted in the late 1980’s to do a followup edition to the Krussmann conifer manual by Richard Abel, then owner of Timber Press, I was to have an European co-author. We immediately ran into a problem. He wanted to do every conifer with a name and I did not. It was the start of the "Golden Age of the Witches' Broom" and he wanted all of them included as well. Eventually it became a lost cause and the rewrite was never completed.

    After being involved with collecting, producing, and selling conifers for overforty years, I decided it was time to share my knowledge. I wanted to do it in my own way. I taught myself how to do my own book layout and design and proceeded to self-publish my first book. I made mistakes in the layout and did not always follow the standard publishing conventions but I was happy with my product and so were my readers.

    I decided to focus on dwarf conifers and only do the ones that were available for purchase somewhere in North America. I completely ignored the new witches’ brooms. I left them for a future writer after they sort themselves out and the ones that are not worthwhile or distinctive just die a quiet death.

    When I started my second book, I planned to do the larger growing conifers. A planned appendix about the collectors who were my friends proved to be too large and that became my second book.

    My third book focuses upon the conifer world beyond my first book. I decided to do the larger growing conifers as well as many dwarfs that were not covered in Small Conifers for Small Gardens. My approach is unique and makes a much more useful book.

    One of my goals was to try and explain the differences between the various blue selections of Picea pungens as well as the pendulous forms of eastern white pine and Alaskan cedar. The dragon-eye forms of Japanese red pine are covered as well.

    Old and new cultivars are included in their pages. If it is a garden and I have seen it, it is included (provided I felt it had garden merit). I did not just write a book based upon my picture collection (over 10,000 and growing). There were many plants that I had to find so I could photograph them and include them in my books. Photographs and written descriptions are used. These books do not have as many stories as my first two books because I had already told most of them. But the reader will find one now and again.

    I believe the reader will find hours of pleasure in reading this special series of five unique conifer books.




As you can see here, I had myself cloned to handle all of the various projects presently underway.